Dr. Emehly Sevilla - Castillo, M.D.

“Doc Em”, as how she is called by her staff and the people who visit her clinic every so often, certainly understands that life is never easy but is worth enjoying and celebrating for. After all, the word “satisfaction” has been invented for a reason.

Dr. Emehly Sevilla- Castillo developed her zeal in providing satisfaction to all her clients through continuous education. Through this, she has gained valuable experiences and expertise in areas of aesthetics, anti-aging, and regenerative medicine.

Dr. Castillo is certified by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine; Associate Fellow of the Philippine Academy of Aesthetic Surgery; and member of the Philippine Academy of Aesthetic and Age Management Medicine. She is also certified by the American Council of Exercise as a Group Fitness Instructor. Dr. Sevilla as well is a fitness nutrition specialist certified by the International Sports Sciences Association.

All these, in a few words, explain how knowledge is indispensable for Dr. Castillo. However, she is not blind to the fact that she has to know the exact approach to set her clients’ full commitment to share her vision. Therefore, she really takes time to listen. Apart from the fact that it will be the foundation of all her recommendations, it is the phase in which she can also explain the importance of motivation and commitment to oneself— the only means to achieve satisfaction in its purest sense.