Ms. Fe Garcia
Clinic Manager / Beauty Consultant

Investing on beauty enhancements perhaps may be shallow for some. But for Ms. Fe Garcia, beauty consultant for Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics, nobody may well contest against beauty as a sturdy pillar of self- confidence.

Ms. Fe, as clients have known her for years, spent her earliest efforts and trainings at Slimmer’s World Face and Skin Clinic. She worked there as a Skin Consultant and then advanced to being the Center Manager. It did not take long for the management to decide on giving her a promotion for the second time to an even more challenging post. They asked her to move to a spot which would entail and brave her management and organizational skills and take charge of a particular branch involving both operational and sales tasks.

She was able to enhance her knack for multitasking and perform her job at the said company for 8 prolific years. Soon after, she transferred and furthered her expertise at The Zen Institute, a company of the same industry from year 2007 up until 2009. Later on, she went abroad and practiced her skills at an Aesthetic centre in Singapore. Her fine reputation to the former company has led her back again to the Philippines and she continued her service at The Zen Institute. Finally, after sometime last year, she has found Vine and is now working with former colleague and friend Dra. Emehly Sevilla- Castillo.

Indeed, what keeps her in the same industry is her genuine goal- to put a smile on everybody’s face through her sound and superior recommendations. Ms. Fe offers to everyone her personal touch to be able to guarantee they are doing this for their own selves and not the people they would like to please.