The Vine's Holistic Balance

At THE VINE, we sincerely believe that it’s all about YOU...how you look, how you feel & how your complete being is. Sometimes, we know that you just don’t feel your best. And so...

We’ve put together a selection of Treatment Programs that you can choose from. Find the one that satisfies your needs, fulfill your wants and boost confidence in you! We are here to offer you the best possible options so that the not-so-great moments will be transformed into perfect days, weeks, months and even years!


                   Removing years from your face in a quick and natural way is made possible with Vine’s Natural Lift and Contour. Using Platelet Rich Plasma and Power Cell Lift Treatments, it works at a cellular level by stimulating the human body’s own healing processes to smoothen out lines and even deep wrinkles. It is non-invasive, non-surgical and painless. In as fast as 30 minutes, The Vine Natural Lift and Contour can roll back decades of one’s age almost instantly. The latest in advances non-surgical facial lifting using Lift & Tight RF combines with Mesolipotherapy, guarantees enhanced facial shaping. After the treatments, your body naturally flushes out the broken-down-fat so you can go on with your normal activities.

- Consultation with an Anti-aging Physician
- Lift & Tight RF
- Electroporation
- Mesolipotherapy
- Cryoporation therapy
- Power cell lift (threadlift)
- Ultrasonic facial contouring


              Skin renewal is needed to rejuvenate your skin...as we age, dead skin cells continues to thrive on the outer layer of the skin giving it a wrinkly, dull, dry and coarse consistency. This alone is a big factor that easily gives out our age! This approach renews, revitalizes and renews you skin by stimulating removal of this layers and layers of dead, old skin. After removal, we now start infusing serums to your skin which in turn, hydrates, moisturizes and restores back its young looking glow, supple and smooth to touch. Another approach would be exposing your skin to special kinds of lights which instantly treats and rejuvenates!

- Skin Consultation and Analysis
- Oxygen Hydration Therapy
- Fractional Needling
- Meso Rejuvenation with cryoporation
- Facial Skin Spa
- Micro Exfoliation
- Micro Chemical Peel
- PDT (Photodynamic Therapy)

(Body Sculpting with Weight Management Program) 
               Your desired curves without the cut in just few days! THE VINE offers a comprehensive body sculpting program with weight management that combines technology with a healthy lifestyle by providing a diet program to give more lasting results. Lift & Tight RF combined with Meso-Lipocryo– Korea’s latest non-surgical technology for face and body sculpting. It is the newest no-downtime, non- invasive body sculpting procedure that can be done during coffee break. It is Asian technology nurtured in US and clinically developed specifically for Asians. Lift & Tight RF introduces electrode doses to the body that hasten the process of dissolving fat and help tighten skin. When combined with either Mesolipotherapy or Meso-Lipocryo, it effectively sculpts specific body parts like the body waist, abdomen and the face. The procedure also helps enhance collagen remodelling to sagging skin on the face & body. A full body sculpting program averages from 3 to 6 months of weekly intervals with a maximum of 45 minutes per session.

- Weight Management Coaching
- Eating Plan
- Lift & Tight RF
- Focused LipoCavitation
- HCG Fat Mobilizer
- LipoCryosculpt
- Mesolipotherapy
- Meso-Lipocryo
- Natural diet pills
- Body Toning


            Vine’s guiding philosophy is elegant in its simplicity: true beauty rises from inner well-being. Thus, at Vine, medical science, creativity, taste health that begets perfect beauty, The Vine treats perfection as a journey and not simply as a goal. Hence, Perfection is not a target, not a deadline, not a traumatic shortcut. Rather, perfection comes from harmony and flow, a natural consequence is real, deep, total and long-lasting perfection you carry from within.

- Skin Consultation and Coaching
- IV Glutathione, Placenta and Vitamin C
- IV Collagen
- Platelet Rich Plasma
- Chelation Therapy
- Oxygen Hydration Therapy
- Lift & Tight RF
- Cryoporation
- PDT (Photodynamic Therapy)

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