At Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics, the marriage of both Western and Eastern Medicine delivers top of the line aesthetic service with highly satisfactory results.

Aesthetics is the newest and fastest growing medical specialization. Our science based philosophy serves as the foundation of our medical grade approach and medically-based theories.

Every service is problem-based. We spend precious time arriving at a diagnosis to carefully examine all problem areas and recommend the perfect solution.


Our team composed of professionals who completed their degrees from reputable institutions. They are highly dedicated to their work topped with a willingness for continued learning and growth.

Members of the team are trained following the technical and ethical standards of the medical profession and the proper line of conduct as defined by the Vine Culture.


Vine Aesthetics is located at Bonifacio Global City, a world-class business and residential center. With its multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of specific conditions, Vine Aesthetics has also acquired advanced medical technology and equipment that provide quality evaluation and protocols. In the hands of skilled and committed practitioners these advanced tools help propel Vine to be at the forefront of aesthetic medicine.


Our results are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound. We set expectations and timelines leading to its achievement.
It is important that our patients see us as partners in their journey for self-improvement.

We believe in giving the best value for money. Treatments and services are competitively-priced, with every investment delivering desired results.