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Vine's Facial Skin Spa

A gentle but deep cleansing facial treatment that cleanses, exfoliates and hydrates skin. The result is a complexion that looks refreshed, rejuvenated and glowing.

Diamond Peel

Micro Exfoliation is a microdermabrasion using diamond tip wands alternative to treating skin imperfections, revives collagen growth, minor acne scars and pigmentation. Smoothens skin instantly and leaves skin blemish-free with no down-time.

Micro Chemical Peel

The natural fruit acid provides exfoliation to stimulate collagen production, soften fine lines and enhance hydration. It peels off dead or outer layer of skin, exposing new growth of skin underneath. Skin is silky to touch. It delays the aging process and promotes youthful skin.

Intense Complete Whitening Facial

Is a safe non-invasive procedure that involves tapping of vitamins and alpha hydroxy acids to the epidermal layer of the skin using Nappage Technique which encourages absorption into the deep tissues. Combining it with cryoporation which further increases the absorption to the dermal layer leaving it with an instant skin rejuvenation. It is the latest breakthrough in hydrating and nourishing skin leaving pores finer and skin radiant

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