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Why Should We Celebrate Women?

In a misogynist culture such as ours, we tend to forget how impactful women are in our lives.

We seem to take them for granted, not realizing that we won’t be even here without them. I’m not just talking about, childbirth. Women, especially mothers keep homes afloat. Imagine their roles require 24/7 attention. Gone are the days that they are stay-at-home moms.

Most of them are empowered women who take on day jobs and still take care of their families.

Celebrating women should not just be month-long. Paying homage to women and giving them the recognition that they deserve should be a year-round responsibility.

A lot of us are still biased against women. Many people think that they are a lesser gender, saying that their emotions get the best of them. But doesn’t it make them stronger? Their hearts make them so empathetic and their passion makes them so driven. It means that they care a lot. It speaks volumes to what they can offer and how big their hearts are.

How can we show that we celebrate them?

There’s no better form of celebrating women than showing that we truly care. Pampering the women that we love shows that we cherish them. It shows affection and is the highest expression of love.

We, at Vine Aesthetics, treasure and celebrate women.

We know that making them more beautiful gives them the confidence that they need to take on the world. Enhancing their features not only makes them look pretty, but it makes them feel so good. We want to help them relax, reboot, and reset their minds.

We’re obsessed with indulging them, to give them the best care they need until their unfiltered beauty speaks for them.

The New Vine will unravel and the New Age of Beauty will reveal itself.


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Artist : Rhen Escaño
Make Up : Rchie
Hair : Arthur Tolentino
Wardrobe | Abby Robles
Cameraman : Ronald Benedicto
Voice Over : Kathleya Vianca
Creative Direction : Red Punzalan
Creative Associate: Jaz Ke
Production : Vine Aesthetics

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