Busting Myths: Pimple Removal

We’ve all been there– going to sleep feeling good and waking up to a bumpy, and painful surprise on your face (yikes!). And with countless articles and life “hacks” circulating online, it’s hard to determine which ones are real. 

Read on below to get the real deal, because today, we’re busting some good ol’ tales about zits!

Toothpaste definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

Toothpaste clears a pimple

We’ve all seen the Buzzfeed videos, dab a bit of toothpaste on an active pimple and it’ll instantly remove it. 

Wrong! While the cooling effect of toothpaste may help soothe an angry zit, it does nothing aside from drying out the skin– which is not a good thing, by the way! Toothpaste can contain active ingredients that irritate your skin and cause redness and peeling, further worsening your dilemma. 


Popping Zits Properly (Beauty & Grooming Guru) - YouTube

You gotta pop it!

Need to remove an active pimple real quick? You might have heard a friend or two advise you to just take your fingers and pop your zit. As a general rule, it isn’t advisable to further irritate a red and inflamed part on your skin. Popping a pimple can open up your skin barrier and introduce more bacteria onto the skin all while interrupting your skin’s natural healing process.

If you must absolutely need to squeeze a pimple, it is advised to take the necessary precautions before doing so: clean your fingers, know the methods of how to squeeze properly (press down towards the skin, not together), and use an astringent later to close up the pore. 


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Certain foods give you pimples 

It’s a pain to avoid all of our favorite foods for the sake of clear skin. We’ve heard it all: chocolate causes acne, dairy causes pimples, blah blah.

While these may not be entirely false, specific foods do not give you pimples, but rather your diet as a whole that helps determine whether you’ll get a zit or two tomorrow. 

So make sure you chug down your recommended amount of water for the day while maintaining a balanced diet. Go ahead and take a bite of chocolate too! 



Chronic acne will go away on its own

Ahh, we all thought acne would stop at puberty. We were told not to fret over active pimples and acne all over our face when we were younger because “it would clear up on its own”.

There are a lot of factors that affect acne (and puberty is just one of them!). So if you’ve been having nasty bouts of acne, it’s better to consult with a dermatologist and get the necessary treatment fit for your case. 

Acne ain’t clearing up?

Vine Rapid Acne Clearing Program:
• Acne Facial (every week or two)
• Acne Surgery (injection for active acne)
• Medicated soap and cream
• Oral Acne Medication
• White drip (for liver detoxification)
Let’s start your journey!
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