Define Your Nose with HIKO

A defined and good-looking nose is something that almost everyone covets. The tall bridge with a perfectly pointed tip is the standard ideal nose among Asians and for the longest time, this can only be achieved by surgical procedures such as rhinoplasty, a.k.a one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries worldwide. With the procedure accompanied by high risks and a long recovery time, it’s about time that us beauties get another option of achieving the nose we want, now. 

Good thing Vine Aesthetics has got you covered. 



What is Vine HIKO Nose Lift?

Originating about 15 years ago in the South Korean cosmetic industry, this innovative nose-augmentation procedure is a quick and easy fix to give you the nose you dream of. Literally meaning “High Nose”, HIKO works by the process of injecting biomedical PDO Threads to the skin of your nose, contouring, and creating a support structure to define and significantly alter the shape of your nose. 



Also known as a “lunchtime nose lift”, HIKO is a great choice for patients looking for a painless, quick, and effective way of altering the shape of the nose. The procedure lasts about 20 minutes with minimal downtime, perfect for patients with a busy lifestyle. 

The results of the procedure, although not permanent, can last up to two years which is a great way of getting a new look without fully committing to a surgical one like rhinoplasty. Over time, these PDO Threads get absorbed by the body before the effect wears off.

Cost-wise, HIKO Nose Lifts are also significantly cheaper than rhinoplasty. Prices in the Philippines start from PHP 15,000– cheaper compared to rhinoplasties that cost PHP 35,000 upwards. 


Are there any side effects?

No procedure of any kind is without any side effects. Minimal bruising and swelling can be observed. In rare cases, allergic reactions and non-optimal placement of threads lead to an unpleasant look post-procedure, which is why it is important to consult with professionals before undergoing any procedure, as they are the one with years of expertise and can be trusted. Like the ones we have here at Vine Aesthetics. In our clinic, trained and licensed professionals thoroughly explain the process and will assist you to weigh the benefits and risks of any procedure. 

Ready to get the nose of your dreams?

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