Age backward this summer with Vine


Getting old isn’t something to be embarrassed about, in fact, it’s something to be proud of! This summer, we’re promoting our anti-aging treatments to help the wise woman in you flaunt what you got this hot season. 


The Beauty of the Summer Months

Vine Aesthetics offers various tightening treatments but our best-availed one is the Exilis treatment, an advanced non-invasive procedure for your face and body to tighten up the skin and reduce sagginess in your preferred areas, perfect for the hubadera outfits you have lined up for that upcoming beach trip! 


What is Exilis? 

Exilis Elite Information



Using ultrasound and radio-frequency technology, Exilis works by applying controlled heat to the deeper layers of your face and body to melt the fat away, leaving you with a reduced look of puffiness without surgery. 


The treatment also works by promoting the production of collagen and elastin, leaving you with a smooth and tight appearance. 




Results can be seen immediately, but some patients do need two or more sessions for best results, so it’s best to book your sessions now in preparation for summer. 



Non-invasive and with no downtime, Exilis is a great option to consider to bump up your anti-aging routine, helping you age gracefully and confidently. 


Face summer head-on and book a treatment with Vine Aesthetics now! Visit your preferred branches near you or fill out our online appointment form for easier bookings.