Planning on a Summer Getaway, have that beach body in less time.

By: Arthur Tolentino

Summer is just around the corner and everyone’s itching to beat the summer heat with a quick getaway and have some fantastic vacation time with family and friends. But going on a quick trip requires a lot of preparation. Who wouldn’t want to flaunt their ripped abs or their voluptuous bodies on the beach and be the envy of their friends? This might even be your ticket to catch that dream partner you’ve been eyeing and longing for.


The problem is, do we have enough time to fight off those extra pounds since summer is fast approaching like a freight train? The answer is a big no! But Vine Aesthetics has that key ingredient that can help you achieve that bikini-ready body in less time.  That surely piqued your interest and got you motivated, right? No need to kick your ass on a boot camp or make yourself frustrated in your old fitness routine. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t work out and be on a diet but hey, we are making you fast track your progress by 10x faster.


What is that Summer Body Treat?

Vine Aesthetics came up with a variety of treatments that are designed specifically for your needs. There is the Vine Trishaper program which we also call our body sculpting program. It uses different techniques from freezing to lasers. What happens is that fat deposits are removed and filtered out of your system in a span of days. It’s perfect for reaching hard-to-target areas like the lower belly, thighs, arms, and love handles, all with no surgery needed and zero downtime. Sounds amazing right?



The first part of it is Vine Focused cavitation which is very effective in removing unwanted fat, reducing cellulite, and stimulating circulation. After a few days, the cells release fatty substances, which are absorbed by the body’s lymphatic system, and naturally eliminated as waste. The second part of it is the Vine Exilift which tightens, brightens, smooths, and makes your body slimmer. The third part is the muscle toning part where we use Vine Sculpt which essentially causes 20,000 muscle contractions in 30 minutes like an intensive ab workout. According to some research, Vine Sculpt not only implodes fat cells (for a 19 percent loss after four treatments) but simultaneously builds muscle fibers (by roughly 16 percent) for more defined abs and rounder rear-ends. Sounds amazing right? If you aren’t sold yet, I’m inviting you to a wager and I’m guaranteed a win but kidding aside, I’m telling you it’s a must-try.





If you want to be conservative with the procedures, there is Meso-Lipo Therapy which reduces cellulite while firming the skin, and the sought-after Intimate Skin Whitening which lightens and brightens the skin’s nether regions. Mind you, these procedures have changed a lot of lives.


Your key to that amazing body

Yes, there’s no replacement for the good old diet and workout regimen but if you’re looking for faster and guaranteed results, Vine Aesthetics is offering you the key to that with these specialized body treatments. This is a strategy that can make you feel tighter and make you see immediate results. We’ve been in lockdown for so long and this is the time to flaunt those ripped and sexy abs, should we hesitate to live our lives and be the apple of someone’s eye? Hell, no! Should you want to learn more and be ready for that seaside escape, please reach out to Vine Aesthetics through their Instagram and Facebook accounts @VineAesthetics.