Putting the Bro in Botox

Looking youthful is always an advantage. Us men may pretend not to care about looks and appearing older but let’s face it—we do. Years worth of stress from being hard at work can take a toll on your face in the form of crow’s feet, frown lines, and God forbid awful forehead lines.
Wrinkles may be a sign of wisdom, but does it really need to take over your looks? This is where Botox—or otherwise known in the male community as ‘brotox’ comes in.
What is botox?
By injecting controlled doses of botulinum toxin under the skin, botox works by relaxing and paralyzing certain areas of the face that are prone to wrinkling. While this toxin is indeed the same as the potential life-threatening one, it is proven safe and effective when administered by professionals.
Aside from lessening wrinkles, it’s also used for other conditions like excessive sweating and muscle spasms.
So why is it so popular? Well, because it works.
A great option for a non-invasive and quick procedure for getting rid of lines, botox noticeably enhances your appearance by reducing and preventing lines from forming. And while it may be seen as a last resort to wanting to look younger, more and more men in their early 30’s are actually using it to hold off the wicked hands of aging.
How can it help you?
Commonly used to treat the mouth, eyes and forehead areas—ones that are more common among men, getting brotoxed can greatly help a man out when it comes to feeling competitive and capable in both his workplace or personal life.
Another way Botox can help one out is by boosting self-esteem, mood, and helping them gain confidence in themselves, and hey, who doesn’t want to feel the manliest you can be, right?
Want to turn back the time?
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