Alexandra Faith Garcia and passing on the confidence

Alexandra Faith Garcia


Heavy is the head that wears the crown, and Alexandra Faith Garcia is no stranger to this. As Miss Aura International 2021, Faith has been through a year of representing not just her country but herself wholeheartedly in Antalya, Turkey all throughout the pandemic and adversities. 


Hailing from Olongapo, with an entrepreneur background, Faith has climbed to the top from her beginnings in Binibining Pilipinas all the way to getting the coveted crown. Fighting to advocate for her belief in promoting sports, health, and the agriculture of the country, Faith has taken great interest in helping dialysis patients and promoting their need for adequate health assistance. 


What’s next for Faith? 


As a Vine Aesthetics ambassador, Faith has been the face of the clinic–and rightfully so as she has always exuded the beauty and elegance the clinic embodies. Faith remains to be dedicated to her advocacies and desire to promote the future of the advocacies she cares about. The work will not stop just because the year is almost over, this only means that she has more room and time to focus on her duties for her own interests, including continuing her work with Vine. 


Luminous Skin Facial


With the launch of the clinic’s new series of facials, Faith has started promotions in introducing the clinic’s new line of treatments. With the treatments showing their effects already on her skin, particularly with Vine Aesthetic’s all-new Luminous Facial–designed to improve the appearance of your skin condition, uneven skin tone, sun damage, and more, the treatment combines cleansing, exfoliation, and antioxidants the skin needs all in one. 


We’re getting even more excited about what Faith has in store and how she intends to pass the confidence she’s gained and nurtured to other patriots of Vine Aesthetics.


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